Department of Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


The construction of the new dental theoretical building has begun

Tuesday, 17 March, 2020

The EFOP-4.2.1-16-2017-00008 tender entitled “Infrastructure development project of the University of Pécs” received a non-reimbursable grant of 6,868,840,002 HUF. In the framework of this tender, the new dental, theoretical building of the UP’s five-story, 2750 square meters educational institution with 61 dental chairs will be constructed in the north-western part of the Szigeti Street - Tüzér Street - Athinay Street and Lovarda Street block.

The construction has begun on 16 March, the University of Pécs handed over the working area to STRABAG Építő Kft. The expected completion time is 18 months.

As a result of the development and building rationalization of the University of Pécs, the university is building a modern, state-of-the-art and economically sustainable facility near the medical campus, replacing the old, downtown, poor energy properties. The links of the new property will integrate with the pedestrian axis of the northern block and will serve well the subsequent complete reconstruction of its own block, in the framework of which there will be an opportunity to build hundreds of parking spaces on two levels. The planning of the new property was made by Masszi Építész Iroda Kft.

The independent training of dentists in Pécs dates back to the 1970s. In 1975, the Dischka Győző Street building, which currently hosts the training, was handed over with a capacity for training 100-120 students in Hungarian. From the beginning of the 2000s, education has been expanded to include English and German language programs, and the training program now has over 500 students.

The current building is unable to meet the needs of the undergraduate, postgraduate and further training education. With this investment, the University of Pécs is establishing a dental education centre that provides a solid background for the training of dentistry students, specialist dentist training and life-long training for dental specialists.