Other news - Tuesday, 27 February, 2018

International Evening on 10 March

This year the Medical School’s English-German Student Council organizes the International Evening again, on 10 March in the Expo Centre.

Due to its diversity and multicultural atmosphere, the event is popular among the students, teachers, colleagues, as well as the residents of Pécs. The organizers expect 3500 guests this year as well, among whom there are going to be numerous doctors and dentists graduated in Pécs and returning from abroad for the event, and many of them will bring their family members too.

Some of the Medical School’s students are going to host their parents and friends in the week of the program; they usually time their visits to the date of the event. In many cases the relatives and friends help in the stage productions, in the preparation of the dishes, and in purchasing the typical spices not available in our country. Oftentimes they also bring the props characteristic of their national dances and performances, and the beautiful traditional costumes.

The foreign students of the Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy will be represented in a large number at this year’s International Evening as well; registration began on 10 February, one month before the program. International Evening is a charity event; the organizers donate the accumulated money for charity purposes. Last year the beneficiaries were the Medical School, the Department of Dentistry, the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the faculties and the clinics, and the patients treated at the clinics.

Each year the Department of Anatomy receives hand-dyed anatomy models manufactured in Germany and worth one million HUF. This year the models were equipped with a small plaque in memory of Professor Magdolna Kovács who passed away 2 years ago and who was very popular among the students.

The Department of Paediatrics received a paediatric body warmer device, which can prevent the children from catching a cold during long surgeries. The assets of the Department of Ophthalmology have been expanded with a Keeler tonometer, and the Knowledge Centre has been enhanced with a life-saving defibrillator.

Dentistry students are among the beneficiaries as well: a Kavo micromotor and control unit worth one million HUF is going to serve their practical training. At the Faculty of Pharmacy a beautiful Melius herb garden has been established during the years and the benches in the garden got a new, weathertight wooden surface. The departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy received lab devices.

Due to the students’ social sensitivity the program of the Pécs Charitable Women’s Association called “I don’t have lunch” received one million HUF, and half a million HUF was donated to the “Baby box” program. For years the organizers have been supporting the hard work of the Faág Group of Friends as well who provide afternoon activities for disadvantaged children, they study and eat together. As the leader of Faág told us there are children who are provided with their daily first meal by the group.

It is important to mention the developments for cyclists at the Medical School campus as well: bicycle stands have been established by the entrances of the Béla Entz Educational Centre, the Department of Neurology, the 2nd Department of Internal Medicine and Nephrology Centre, the Department of Paediatrics, and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

The cooperation was excellent between the foreign students who organized the event and the sixth year student Márton Sziráki who also volunteered to show the employees of the Knowledge Centre the proper use of the defibrillator.


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