Other news - Friday, 4 May, 2018

International Calendar

With the release of the International Calendar EGSC aims to start a tradition: every year all proceeds from the calendar will go to an organization based in Pécs.

With the International Calendar 2018/19 EGSC funds the parents’ hostel under 7-9 Mártírok street, maintained and run by Pécs-Normandia Lions Club. At this hostel parents whose children undergo a prolonged treatment in the Paediatric Clinic are provided with free accommodation. The calendar is associated with the International Evening, starts with the spring months and finishes with March.

Participants of the project include 12 students of the University of Pécs Medical School, all of whom are members of the English-German Student Council and few Pécs-based companies who sponsored the project. The aim is twofold: to showcase the multicultural diversity of our students and to fund an organization.

Calendars are available in the Medical School in front of the aula on May 7 and 8 between 9 am and 2 pm and on May 9,10,11 at the entrance of the City Library.

Calendar girls

  • Eriko Sawaji, Japan
  • Johanne Hollevik, Norway
  • Natcha Uthaug, Thailand
  • Betty Opuni, Ghana
  • Judey Ahalya Aloyscious, Sri Lanka
  • Albulena Dervari, Albania
  • Kathrin Eder, Germany
  • Areej Jaber, Palestine
  • Jenny Le, Vietnam
  • Bushra Rabab’ah, Jordan
  • Mino Rabenjafimanantsoa, Madagascar
  • Fatemeh Rahin Kenari, Iran
  • Lola Sági, Hungary


Creators and Organizers: Anikó Berta and Edina Münster

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