Other news - Friday, 7 September, 2018

Ashraf Amir Reza received the Pro Universitate Juventutis Prize

Amir Reza Ashraf, student of the Faculty of Pharmacy received the Pro Universitate Juventutis Prize, which is the most prestigious prize for students at the University of Pécs. The prize was given on the Hungarian Higher Education Day in the Pécs National Theatre, which was the joint event of the Pécs Municipality Festive General Meeting and the Opening Ceremony of the new Academic Year of the University of Pécs Senate Meeting.

Amir Reza Ashraf, the English Program president of the EGSC who resigns this September, was the member of the English-German Student Council for 5 years, in the past 3 years he represented the interests of the English Program students as a president. As a president, he played a leading role in organizing the International Evening and Motivational Speech events in three consecutive years. Besides his position in EGSC, he is also responsible for the international relations as a rapporteur of the Faculty of Pharmacy’s Student Council.

We warmly congratulate him for the acknowledgment!

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