- Monday, 12 November, 2018

VII. Szentágothai Day

A scientific ceremony in the University of Pécs János Szentágothai Research Centre was held for the seventh time, commemorating the birthday of the eponymous professor.

In the Dr. Zoltán Bachmann lecture hall of the research centre Dr. Tamás Bíró, full professor gave an interesting lecture under the title „Chili, Cannabis, Forrest Gump”. After that, the Szentágothai and junior Szentágothai awards were handed over for the fifth time.

This year Dr. Boldizsár Czéh, full professor at the University of Pécs Medical School Department of Laboratory Medicine and leader of the János Szentágothai Research Centre Structural Neurobiology Research Group received the Szentágothai award. Dr. Éva Borbély, senior lecturer at the University of Pécs Medical School Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy and member of the János Szentágothai Research Centre Molecular Pharmacology Research Group received the junior Szentágothai award. Both laureates introduced their work and research fields through interesting lectures after receiving the memorial plaque.

As part of the ceremony Kemenesiné Dr. Kornélia Kurucz, Dr. Miklós Kecskés and Dr. Gergely Montskó, the researchers supported in the János Szentágothai Talent Support Program’s 2015-2018 period, which was launched three years ago and closes at the end of the month, presented their achievements from the past 3 years.



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