- Tuesday, 13 November, 2018

They like Pécs and the high standard medical training

More than four thousand foreign students study at the University of Pécs in this academic year. They have come from near and farther countries to the university as well and the common things in them are the facts that they like the city and the high standard university training. We asked Spreeha Thapa, a third-year medical student from Nepal and Joseph Jolayemi, a fifth-year student coming from South Africa but living in Ireland, about why they chose the medical training in Pécs, what they like about the university and the city the most.


Why did you choose the medical training of the University of Pécs?

JOSEPH: I went to a university open day in Ireland and back then all I knew was that I wanted to be a doctor. One of my friends said that there were Hungarians who advertise their medical schools; I went over to them, talked to them. After that I did some research whether to go to Budapest or Pécs, maybe to Slovakia or Poland but I thought that the University of Pécs is the best considering the price of the training, and also because the degree acquired here is recognised and accepted in many places. In Ireland the admission to the medical universities is very competitive, when I was younger I did not take it seriously, I did not study enough and I wasn’t admitted. I was however, admitted here.

SPREEHA: I tried the medical university in Nepal, but the admission is very competitive there too. One of my friends told me that here it takes around the same amount of time to get the medical degree and the education system is similar too, which sounded great. I have not heard much about Hungary before; I did not know anything about Pécs either. I saw that this city is very beautiful, not too big, which I liked because in my opinion such places are perfect for studying. It was quite a sudden idea; it took time for my parents to process the fact that I came to Hungary to study.

Why have you decided to become a doctor?

SPREEHA: I took a lot of science classes at high school, that is why I decided to choose the medical university.

JOSEPH: My father is a doctor, my mother is a nurse, I grew up going to the hospital with them a lot. I enjoy helping people, besides, being a doctor means a stable, secure living. This security is more important to me than anything else, moreover, I can do what my passion is.

Is the university hard?

JOSEPH: The failure rate at the medical university is very high in general. The solution is if you study. Fear from failure is always in the back of your head and that is what keeps you going.

SPREEHA: The first two years are very very rough. If someone is over it and knows how to study, it is going to be much easier and you will calm down. Later in the practical courses the teachers are like they are our colleagues. The exam pressure becomes much less and it is important that we understand and apply what we learn in practice as well.

JOSEPH: In my opinion, teaching is very good at this university. We receive first-hand information and experience from specialists, and if we would like to perform a surgical procedure, we can just ask for their help. Many students come here through the Erasmus program as well because they would like to participate in such practical lessons and study because they can acquire a lot of experience here.

Where are you going to work with your degree?

SPREEHA: My plan is to work in the United States but I looked it up and it is very hard to find a job as a beginner surgeon, therefore I am looking for opportunities in many European countries as well.

JOSEPH: I am going to go back to Ireland; I would like to work at home. I have acquaintances and colleagues who graduated here and are now practising in Ireland.

How do you like the city?

SPREEHA: I think Pécs is a very beautiful place. It’s quiet, you can do a lot of things, and even Budapest is close. Due to the university Pécs is an international city, we can meet students coming from many different countries and because of this internationality, everyone gets along well with the others.

JOSEPH: Pécs is a beautiful city, it is cheap, small, quiet, especially if you compare it to Budapest, which is hectic and expensive. The residents of Pécs are very nice.

My mother has been here a couple times, she has bought a plane ticket just two days ago and in April she is coming to Pécs again for two weeks. She loves it; it is a nice vacation for her because she sees such beautiful landscapes that she cannot see anywhere else.


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