- Friday, 15 February, 2019

UP has been ranked among the world’s greenest universities

Our University has been ranked 140th among the registered 719 universities worldwide on the list of the most environmental friendly higher education institutions, thus UP became the 2nd greenest university in Hungary

The list based on a „green” measurement system has been composed by the University of Indonesia to ensure and support the sustainable environmental development since 2010. How big the green fields at the campuses are, on what level they are trying to decrease the effects of climate change, whether they collect waste selectively, whether they use water-saving equipments, whether they have other measures which show an environmental friendly attitude – these are the main aspects on the list of Green Metric Ranking of World Universities. The „Green University” concept is a complex system, it contains the built environment, the environmentally conscious functioning, and the forming of the educational and research background.

While only 95 institutions from 35 countries provided datas for the survey in the first year, this year 719 universities form 81 countries joined the project. University of Pécs has been developing according to the objective measurement system during the years, it ranked 355th on the list in 2016, last year UP jumped to the 179. place, while this year its points increased by 1000 which resulted the 140th place.


If you are interested in the list of the rankings, click here.

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