Other news - Wednesday, 10 April, 2019

6th-7th Health Care Photo Exhibition

The POTE Photo Club and Visual Workshop has been active as an informal group at the Medical School since 2013. The members of the club are dedicated to the visual culture, they regularly organize photo competitions for the Medical School.

The Health Care Photo exhibition has been announced for the 7th time in 2019, the currently displayed exhibition in the framework of the Health Care Higher Education Days (EFEN) presents artworks submitted to the health care photo competition.

After the exhibition, the presented artworks will appear in our School’s public spaces, they are going to make the rooms of the institutions and clinics, the emplyoers’ rooms and the sick-rooms more people-oriented.

Curators: members of the UP MS Visual Roundtable.

Artists: Bálint ÁCS, Alexandra BÁLINT, Loránd BARTHÓ Ph.D. D.Sc., Brandon BECK, Tamás BÉRES, Szilvia BODA, Bence FÜLÖP, Viktória GOBÁNYI, Richárd JÁNOSI, Ágnes KEMÉNY Ph.D, Máté KOMJÁTHY, Balázs KOVÁCS, István MÉSZÁROS, Annamária MÉSZÁROVICS, Kata NAGY, Miklós ÓNODI, Miklós RODLER, Jason SPARKS

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