Other news - Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

World Day of Dance - Dancers for Zente with dance

Charity Dance Gala 04/28/2019 18:00 Kodály Centre

Dance groups of Pécs joined their forces in order to celebrate the world day of dance and to help a 1-year-old boy, called Zente, who was born with spinal muscular atrophy. On April 28 the Ballet Pécs will host the event in Kodály Centre where the most various dance styles will be present with fantastic performances of Hungarian and international dancers.

The program consists of poledance, air dance, ballroom dancing, fashion dance, break dance, show dance, acrobatic rock and roll, salsa, hip-hop, Gipsy dance, swing, Hungarian and bunyevác folk dance, contemporary ballet, cheerleading, Parkinson's dance, Nigerian and Pakistani dance. The whole amount of the ticket sales is offered for Zente's foundation (Összefogás Zentéért Alapítvány).


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