Other news - Monday, 15 July, 2019

12 gold, 10 silver and one bronze medal on Medigames

Our School’s teachers have performed successfully at Medigames, the World Medical and Health Games in Budva, Montenegro, organised at the end of June: they came home wwith 12 gold medals, 10 silver medals and one bronze medal. With this achievement they contributed to the Hungarian delegation’s 3rd place among 45 nations in the medal table.

Besides the sports events there was a symposium as well where our School’s teacher, Dr. Katalin Gőcze held a presentation as well with the title of “Analisis of the nutritional status, habits and food knowledge of female amateur runners: eating disorders and risk of triad”. The co-authors were Fanni Bai, Krisztina Horzsa, and Tibor Mintál.


Dr. Katalin Gőcze

  • 100m flat race: 2nd  place

Dr. Zita László

  • 100m breaststroke: 5th  place
  • shot put: 4th  place
  • long jump: 2nd  place
  • high jump: 2nd  place
  • javelin throw: 2nd  place
  • discus throw: 2nd  place
  • relay 4x100m: 2nd  place

Dr. Ágnes Stefanovits

  • shot put: 1st  place
  • javelin throw: 2nd  place
  • discus throw: 1st  place
  • hammer throw: 1st  place
  • relay 4x100m: 2nd  place

Dr. Tibor Mintál

  • 100m freestyle: 2nd  place
  • 100m butterfly: 1st  place
  • 100m backstroke: 1st  place
  • 50m freestyle: 2nd  place
  • 4x100m freestyle: 1st  place
  • 4x200m freestyle: 1st  place

Dr. Gergely Palka

  • Judo: 1st  place
  • shot put: 1st  place
  • discus throw: 1st  place

Dr. Balázs Patczai

  • 50m freestyle: 2nd  place
  • 100m freestyle: 5th  place
  • 4x100m freestyle: 1st  place
  • shot put: 1st  place
  • javelin throw: 1st  place
  • discus throw: 1st  place

Dr. Zsolt Sárszegi

  • Half-marathon: 8th  place

Dr. Csaba Vermes

  • Mountain Bike: 2nd  place


The Hungarian Medical Football Team finished in the 5th place in five-a-side football and association football as well. The members of the team: Géza István Ecet, Dr. Gábor Gelencsér, Dr. Gábor Fazekas, Dr. Zsolt Fehér, Dr. Zsolt Papp.



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