Other news - Monday, 2 September, 2019

The opening ceremony of the Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy

On the 1st of September, at the opening ceremony of our School and the Faculty of Pharmacy, the leadership of the faculties handed over awards and honours after the speeches, vows and student greetings.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, the following students received the National Higher Education Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement at the Medical School:

  • Schranz, Dániel
  • Bálint, Benedek
  • Szenttamási, Martin

at the Faculty of Pharmacy:

  • Vörös, Annamária.

Students who have completed all the compulsory subjects of their year during the last two semesters and their corrected credit index was above 4.5 received the “Outstanding Achievement Award”.

2nd year, General Medicine:

  • Vass, Réka Viktória
  • Higuchi, Isamu
  • Schebesta, Jonas

Dentistry Programme:

  • Dr. Riedling, Ádám.

3rd year, General Midicine:

  • Dorogi, Kíra
  • Ishida, Koh.

4th year, General Medicine:

  • Faragó, Eszter
  • Lucas, Daniel.

5th year, General Medicine:

  • Torkos, Erzsébet
  • Kerscher, Barbara Anna

Dentistry Programme:

  • Horváth Kíra
  • Salimian Parnia
  • Alberts, Marie Christine.

6th year, General Medicine:

  • Schranz, Dániel
  • Dr. Lovász, Bálint Viktor
  • Shari Katharina Münstermann.

A certificate of recognition was conferred upon students, PhD students and medical doctors who graduated from our school this year for their excellence in the field of science, arts or sports.

  • Dr. Ole Klein
  • Dr. Vilmányi, Gábor
  • Dr. Csaba, Gergely József
  • Dr. Balla, Róbert
  • Dr. Árkus, Vanessza Natália
  • Dr. Hajóssy, Miklós István
  • Dr. Kui, Tünde Zsuzsanna
  • Dr. Mészáros, Fanni
  • Dr. Bencs, Réka Zsófia
  • Bábindeli, Cintia
  • Anders Christoffersen,

at the Faculty of Pharmacy:

  • Dr. Jáhn, Eszter
  • Tatai, Kata
  • Dr. Faisal, Zelma
  • Dr. Balázs, Viktória Lilla
  • Dr. Vörös, Virág
  • Pordán, Áron.

We congratulate the awardees and wish them further success!


At the end of the ceremony, the employees of the Medical School who cannot be with us anymore were commemorated:

  • Dr. Komáromy, László, associate professor at the Department of Medical Biology
  • Dr. Mess, Béla, emeritus professor at the Department of Anatomy
  • Dr. Sümegi, Balázs, professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry
  • Dr. Szilágyi, András, professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Dr. Szirmai, Imre, professor at the Department of Neurology
  • Dr. Szmolenszky, Tamás, retired senior lecturer at the Heart Institute
  • Dr. Szolcsányi, János, emeritus professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
  • Tóth, Lajos, medical orderly at the Department of Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Vértes, Marietta, emeritus professor at the Institute of Physiology

We respectfully honour their memory.

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