- Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

Our School adopted Brutus, the American bison

Four residents of the Pécs Zoo were adopted by the University of Pécs on 10 September. Our School chose Brutus, the American bison for a year, and became therefore eligible to use the name "Adopting Parent". Bonifác, the male common seal, was adopted by the University of Pécs Faculty of Sciences, MiMIKe, the raccoon became the number one favourite of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and the UP mascot is Lukrécia, the white Bengal tiger.

Dr. Attila Miseta, rector of the University of Pécs emphasized in his welcome speech that this cooperation is a great opportunity to raise the reputation of the university, since every ordinary university has a mascot.

According to Dávid Siptár, director of the Pécs Zoo, the zoo has reached a milestone with the cooperation with the university, as the institution has become not only a touristic but also an educational scene with the adoption.


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