- Thursday, 19 September, 2019

The Mobility Week’s important messages on an articulated bus

The University of Pécs has also joined the European Mobility Week programme, which aims to promote sustainable transport alternatives such as walking, cycling or public transport in cities like Pécs. On 19 September, university students, teachers and students of the UP’s practising high school painted on an articulated bus, which is an active part of public transport.

The combination of cycling and public transport is very popular among university students in Pécs, therefore it was obvious to display the important messages of the Mobility Week campaign on the bus. The graphic art is surrounding the characteristics of the city and the university - such as built heritage, cultural diversity, science and intellectual freedom - by a tendril in an earthly glow that calls attention to the beauty, fragility, and vitality of the natural environment.

The designer is Dr. Norbert Vasváry-Nádor, head of the Industrial Product and Design Engineer programme of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and the students assisted in the implementation. The painted bus is available in the city from 20 September.



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