- Monday, 21 October, 2019

The health bus was available locally in Baranya

A nationwide campaign has been launched to improve the health of people living in cumulative disadvantaged communities under the title 'We bring screening tests to your home'. The programme's key objective is to minimize regional disparities in connection with the access to health care and to raise the awareness of residents living in disadvantaged communities.

As part of a programme organized by the National Public Health Center and the Baranya County Government Office, the residents of Alsószentmárton, Téseny, Hirics and Kisszentmárton could take part in a number of free screening tests - cardiovascular risk screening, paediatric ophthalmology, cervical screening, general health assessment and lifestyle counselling between 14 and 16 October.

Dr. Andor Sebestyén, president of the University of Pécs Clinical Center, said in connection with the screening: "The University of Pécs is committed to the success of public health screening tests, therefore the colleagues of the university bring their expertise to people’s home”. 



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