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Sparks, Jason, a sixth-year medical student at the UN General Assembly

As we reported in June, Sparks, Jason, a sixth-year medical student, participated in a three-round selection procedure of the UN Hungarian youth emissary application, and among the candidates he has proven to be the most successful. The Evaluation Committee voted for him with unanimous majority. Jason was in a training position until September, having completed mandatory internships at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and in the Ministry of Human Capacities, and he is currently over his first major challenge. He spoke at the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, representing Hungary and the Hungarian youth in the Third Committee (Committee on Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs).

You can access the speech from the link below: 

In his five-minute speech he drew attention to the importance of preventive lifestyle, and to health and environmentally conscious education at a young age. He emphasized that prevention consists of very simple activities in different areas, but at the same time it follows a very complex and logical chain. We have the prevention of certain events in our hands before we have to heal our bodies or our planet. The role of education in this is crucial. He asked the participants at the meeting to take home the slogan saying: "Prevention before healing!"

In preparation for World Mental Health Day (10 October), there have been many movements around the world. Jason organized an accompanying event at the United Nations headquarters for participants to learn about the importance of mental health and immunization. Ambassador Bogyay, Katalin opened the accompanying event titled "Prevention before Healing: The Role of Young People in Developing Healthy Societies"; in her speech she emphasized Hungary's pioneering role in the field of health throughout history.

The guest speakers included dr. Nata Menabde, Executive Director of the UN WHO, and dr. Willibald Zeck, UNICEF head of the unit of new-borns, adolescents, and health advisor. Irish and Romanian youth delegates spoke for the youth. The event was followed by a discussion where participants could ask the speakers questions, and the programme ended with an interactive game.

According to Jason, one of the most important messages was that many illnesses are caused by psychological processes, so we need to talk about our problems and if we see that our fellows need help, we should not be afraid to help them before it is too late. The other message was that when people become parents, they should not deny the compulsory vaccinations for their children because these could protect them from several serious illnesses.

Jason expressed his gratitude that he received a lot of help during his preparation from the Ministry of Human Capacities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Permanent UN Representation of Hungary in New York, and from teachers of our School, Professor Füzesi, Zsuzsanna and Dr. Berényi, Károly.

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