Other news - Monday, 11 November, 2019

Successful participation in the Defence Innovation Day of the Hungarian Defence Forces

The “NATO Innovation Challenge” is a programme jointly organized by the Hungarian Defence Forces and NATO's Allied Command Transformation, which focuses on innovative improvements in the human-machine relationship, furthermore on optimizing existing solutions especially the psychic resilience ability, and improving decision-making skills. This topic is extremely important today in the adaption to the changed requirements due to digital development.

The exhibition featured national and NATO innovations. The UP was represented by the Medical School, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and the 3D Center. The Department of Operational Medicine had a prominent role in presenting a variety of interactive and virtual reality-based curricula that will form an integral part of the graduate and postgraduate trainings and the NATO Center of Excellence for Military Medicine trainings in the near future. Under the auspices of the University of Pécs, the Biomedical Engineering Project and the Department of Neurosurgery’s research examining the state of health change in the country's first human lower limb exoskeleton were presented.

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