Other news - Thursday, 21 November, 2019

Successful Alumni meeting

This year our School celebrates the 35th anniversary of the English Program and the 15th anniversary of the German Program. From 8 to 10 November, a series of celebrations combined with an international Alumni meeting was held on this occasion.

56 graduated physicians, dentists, pharmacists and biotechnologists registered for the programmes, together with their companions more than 90 people travelled to Pécs from America, the Emirates, Israel, Greece, Germany, Iran, Japan, Norway and the Netherlands, and from Budapest and a few domestic cities.

On 8 November, they visited the Mokos winery in Palkonya, and the next day they visited the new building on Szigeti street, the MediSkillsLab and the 3D Center. In addition, Dr. Reza Hemmati, director of the International Studies Centre, presented the renovated building on Damjanich street where, among other things, medical preparatory programmes are held.

During the unconventional scientific afternoon, five graduated doctors and dentists gave lectures in which they also talked about how they got to where they are today in their profession. This program was also open to the students who received messages that could be of great help in choosing their specialization. Dr. Miklós Nyitrai, dean, presented the developments within the framework of the MCP (Modern Cities Program) to the participants.

During the evening ball, the guests received the book published for the anniversary, which is the continuation of the 30-year history of the English Program, and now includes interviews with program chairs in English and German, as well as an introduction to the circumstances of the launch of the German Program. The participants also received a School brooch designed for the Alumni. Besides the graduates and their companions, School leaders, former colleagues of the English and German Program offices, colleagues working with foreign students, representatives of the College International, leaders of the EGSC, and a small number of graduate students were present as well.

Based on the feedback so far, the meeting was a success and graduates are open to participate in similar events in the future. They also offered their support in the creation of an Alumni Network.

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