News for students - Friday, 22 November, 2019

Peer Program

Our Peer program is made to help students, from student's point of view. What we try is to give the students the trust they need to ask their questions based in our categories without being shy, like we will be if, for example, we have to go to an office to ask where to buy tickets for the theater or were to get second handed books. Our categories go from "where to go/what to see in Pécs" to "I'm addict" or "Gambling problems", getting through "First year notes", "living abroad"...

We try to give help the way we would like to be helped.

The idea came basically because we never got the chance to have this kind of help, as we are the first generation of Peers. We would like to spread the word and let students know they can count on us! We are a very nice group of 8 friendly Peers ready to be shot with your questions, comments or complaints!

Me personally, I would have loved to have a mentor or someone official that could have guide me from my same level when I was new here, I just left home to a whole new way of life and I didn't know how the system here worked.

So that is basically the reason why I became a Peer. I love getting in touch with all the cultures that, luckily, we have mixed here in Pécs, and helping them with things that could make their lives easier and making them feel that if something goes wrong, there is a solution, is a nice way to meet new people!


Sara Pilar Martin Regalado



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