Other news - Thursday, 28 November, 2019

"Dream Factory in the Hospital" – the book of dr. Tamás Kövesi and dr. Barbara Benkovics anaesthesiologists

To relieve anxiety before surgery, two anaesthesiologists in Pécs have come up with the idea that the Pécs Department of Paediatrics will give an easily understandable storybook to every family that guides them through the process of anaesthesia step by step.

With the support of the Foundation for Children with Heart Disease, the book titled "Dream Factory in the Hospital" tells what happens before and after anaesthesia through the story of little Panni in only a few pages, but in detail, playfully and in a child-friendly way, illustrated with drawings.

The authors of the book, dr. Tamás Kövesi and dr. Barbara Benkovics, anaesthesiologists at the Institute of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, Paediatric Anaesthesiology Department have been thinking about this niche publication for some time. This September, the storybook was finally published and has since been given free of charge to every family whose children have to undergo surgery.

Of course, the parents will receive an official information document before the anaesthesia, the storybook is just an extra, understandable help for children as well.

This is not the first publication in the country with a similar topic; however, this has never occurred in the Pécs clinic before.


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