Other news - Monday, 17 February, 2020

Prof. Judith Harrer-Haag’s neurosonology demonstration course – 1 April

Professor Judith Harrer-Haag is a level 3 investigator of the German Ultrasound Company (DEGUM) and is the course director of the German Ultrasound Company (DEGUM), the only neurologist in the Saarland area with this certification.

The professor is going to hold a neurosonology demonstration course at the Béla Entz Educational Centre on 1 April from 2 p.m., in English.

The course introduces the practical presentation of the ultrasound examination of the cardiovascular system of the neck, focusing primarily on the vertebral and subclavian arteries besides the carotid system. The demonstration is interactive; the audience can follow the ultrasound examination on a projected screen.

All interested are welcome to attend.

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