Other news - Wednesday, 26 February, 2020

The medicines used in infertility treatments have become free of charge

According to the government's decision, the medicines used in infertility treatments have become available free of charge at the University of Pécs from 1 February as well. The intervention costs practically nothing for couples who would like to have a child, this way they do not have to pay hundreds of thousands of HUF.

Dr. Kálmán Kovács, deputy clinical director at the Clinical Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology told the Dunántúli Napló (Transdanubian Journal) that the number of registrations at the Pécs department has increased significantly. He added that the interventions have already been free of charge five times - with valid social security coverage - but that the couples had to pay for various medicines, they paid two-three hundred thousand HUF for these.

According to Dr. Kálmán Kovács, they also have patients who have previously been unable to undertake the costly medicine purchase but are now returning. In addition to introducing the principle of non-payment, the government has also abolished the so-called amount limit in publicly-funded infertility institutions, meaning that they can account for the treatments to the state without an upper limit. As a result, the waiting lists have also been terminated. The deputy director said in connection with this that the Pécs centre will be able to handle the increased load. In one of the most well-known infertility centres in the country, between 150 and 200 children are born each year and this number can now increase significantly.

As it is known, the Hungarian state has purchased the larger infertility centres operating in the country in order to make the treatments there free of charge, and on the other hand, the government wants to have a complete overview of the processes for bioethical reasons.


Dunántúli Napló

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