Other news - Thursday, 27 February, 2020

Exhibition of the Ferenc Medgyessy Art Workshop

The Ferenc Medgyessy Art Workshop has been giving pictures to our School for 29 years as gifts. This time, an exhibition of 23 artistic works from 13 artists has opened in the gallery.

 “We have always been motivated to give the best of our creations to the medical profession, now we have selected paintings and graphic works,” said Zsolt Stirling, director of the Ferenc Medgyessy Art Workshop at the opening of the exhibition.

In her welcome speech, Professor Dóra Reglődi, Vice-Dean for Science, described the memorable and beautiful experiences she has had at the workshop: they have always welcomed her lectures and had a friendly atmosphere. She recalled receiving a pastel painting from dr. József Pandúr, the founder of the workshop, and this painting still means a lot to her. Dr. Dóra Reglődi creates as well. In her speech, she emphasized that it is good to create, but it is even better to share the artistic works with others. She also thanked the workshop manager for bringing their gifts to the Medical School again.

About the Miner Fine Art Workshop:

The Miner Fine Art Workshop is the result of the merging of two, renowned study groups. One of the groups supported by the Mecsek Coal Mines operated at Puskin, then in the Zalka Community Center under the guidance of the painter Ernő Gebauer and the graphic artist Dezső Takács, the other group was an art group sponsored by the Mecsek Ore Mining Company under the direction of painter Olivér Horváth.

The groups of the Miner Fine Art Workshop had been active in the Ságvár Cultural Center since 1985. Their work was rewarded with a county prize in 1985 and an art prize in 1987.

After the closure of the mining companies, from 1991 the work has continued under the name of Ferenc Medgyessy Art Workshop, and the University of Pécs Medical School (formerly the Pécs Medical University) created the necessary conditions for their operation and provided them with a room.

The community of non-professional artists includes an art teacher, a bachelor of arts, a doctor, a researcher, a retired person, a university employee and a student.

They have a several-hour meeting once a week with professional discussions, consultations, critiques of homemade artistic works, and lectures on art history and cultural history.

In addition, drawing, painting, and art analysis play an important role as well. They have developed a strong critical spirit over the years and members of the group express their views on their own works and the works of their peers honestly.

Their works have been exhibited at the university, the Nándor Várkonyi Library, the Regional Fine Arts Exhibition in Szekszárd, the national and county Amateur Artium exhibitions, the House of Civil Communities, the Pécs institution of the Alajos Street Community Center and the PKK Apáczai Community Center.

Each year the workshop provides valuable visual material to the University of Pécs Medical School, which is utilized by the School.


The exhibition of the workshop's pictures will be open from 25 February to 9 March.

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