- Thursday, 27 February, 2020

Scientific-economic cooperation

The establishment of the Food-Biotechnology Research Group and new projects to be launched in the future were discussed at a press conference held on 26 February at the University of Pécs Szentágothai Research Center - writes

The University of Pécs, as the biggest higher education institution in the region, is now a knowledge industry factor. The research potential is concentrated in the Szentágothai Research Center, the aim of the institution is to develop, among other things, medical-biological, natural scientific, technical-IT innovation activities, and to bring research profiles closer to economic and social needs. The research center provides a unique, high-quality instrumentation and knowledge background, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories for research and development activities for nearly 22 research teams and several projects.

Professor Zsuzsanna Helyes, president of the research center said that last year modern instrumentation and laboratories were established in the building complex made of innovative technology, including 9 core research facilities. The SzKK Innovation and Industrial Advisory Board - chaired by Szabolcs Rabb, Secretary General of the Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry - channels the current economic and industrial trends into the research center, and mediates between the market and the SzKK operating as the local economy and research and development base. Its operation facilitates cooperation with companies and helps the SzKK to respond flexibly to research trends and the needs of the knowledge-based economy.

In addition to stimulating regional economic life, their aim is to strengthen the cooperation between research and market participants, to increase developments responding to market needs, to match research and development needs and research capacities. With the assistance of the Industrial Advisory Board and the Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, new projects will be launched in the Research Center in the future.

In recent years, societal expectations for universities and research institutions to develop live industrial cooperation have increased significantly. Therefore, a strategic framework agreement has recently been signed between the UP and Soft Flow Ltd., a research and development subsidiary of the FOSS group. The cooperation will be ensured in the long term by the Food-Biotechnology Research Group. Among other things, it focuses on the need to double world food production by 2050, according to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This dramatic increase in production will require innovative solutions over the next 30 years.

The research team will enable competitive collaboration between basic food-biotechnology research and industry competencies focusing on regional agricultural and biotechnological industries such as grain, dairy and meat analytics.


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