- Tuesday, 23 June, 2020

MOON BIKE - international challenge – 26 June

The University of Pécs launched a cycling challenge in early May titled “40 Days Around the Earth”, which aimed to complete the length of the Equator in 40 days, i.e. 40,075 km by bicycle or exercise bike.

Encouraged by the success of the challenge completed in 26 days, UP will launch an 80-day challenge from 26 June, covering the whole country and, through its partners, whole Europe and even beyond.

The essence of the challenge titled “MOON BIKE” is to get to the moon together by bicycle, namely to complete a total of 384,400 km anywhere in the world. The summer campaign, which encourages common activity and a healthy lifestyle and forms a virtual community, shows that the University of Pécs - adapting to the new situation, online – is keeping in touch with its students, partners, alumni and compatriots living in the diaspora.

Moreover, as a Green University, its main goal is to promote cycling, which is much safer than public transport in a pandemic situation. The patron of the project is Professor József Bódis, State Secretary for Higher Education, Innovation and Vocational Education.

You can join the project via Facebook. Participants have nothing else to do but to cycle and download any kind of bike app to their phones to send the distance travelled in the form of a screenshot in a private message or as a post to the MoonBike2020 Facebook page.

The challenge starts on 26 June at 10 a.m. with a joint, Vasvári Pál Street - Dohány Street circle, for which all cyclists are welcome.

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