Undergraduate Research - Friday, 12 November, 2010

Online registration for Student Research Society membership

New registration procedure

Members of the Student Research Society and prospective members are hereby informed that a new registration link for SRS membership has been launched on the SRS web page. By clicking on the "TDK regisztráció" (currently only available in Hungarian - the production of English and German versions are in progress) using your EHA student identification and password you can access the site, and by filling in the relevant fields and submitting  the completed sheet the registration process is completed. For the use of the temporary Hungarian version you are advised to ask your tutor for assistance. This new system will render the submission of printed registration sheet obsolete, and will hopefully facilitate the record keeping for the SRS administration. As this online system will now replace the previous email-based process,  you are required to re-register, irrespectively of whether you have already submitted your registration in this term. Acknowledging the late launching of this registration site, the deadline for registering in this autumn term is extended until 30. November. The registration will remain continuous even after this period, but it will be accepted as valid only for the spring term.

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