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Pécs City Carnival- Thank you!

If I say Oktoberfest, I am sure everyone is associating to Munich. Similarly, many big cities in Hungary have a major event enriching the unique image of the place. The Sziget in Budapest, the Flower Carnival in Debrecen, the Sausage Festival of Gyula or the Busó's Carnival in Mohács - just to mention a few of the most recognized ones. How come Pécs doesn't yet have a signature festival bringing different people out to the streets to celebrate together?

The good news is that this has been changed: on 22nd September, the city of Pécs was turned upside down by the first Pécs City Carnival!

Marlon AsbachAs Marlon Asbach, German president of the English-German Student Council (EGSC) of the Medical School said, the idea came from a group of friends who have experienced the engaging and fun atmosphere of city carnivals in New Orleans (Mardi Gras) and London (Notting Hill Carnival), where people are marching on the streets, dancing and having fun together. Organizing big festivities, such as the International Evening-a cultural happening in order to celebrate the foreign students' rich and diverse cultures and their peaceful coexistence in Pécs, with more than 2500 guests in 2012 - is nothing new to the international students of Pécs, being commonly represented by the EGSC.

„Most of us feel at home in Pécs -a wonderful place to fulfil our dreams of becoming medical professionals all over the globe. My intention is to get the foreign students on the streets mingling with Hungarian locals, and showing something of their unique cultural backgrounds. So why not join the Carnival and be part of the many faces of Pécs?" - said Marlon.

Marlon AsbachThe aim of the carnival was to show how colourful our city is and how diverse its citizens are. The whole event was free for everybody. A big parade, marching in the streets was the main attraction of the day, starting off from Széchenyi square at 12 o' clock, marching through the inner city on a route around which you could find 16 different bars and pubs with DJ teams and sound systems, playing various styles of music all day long. The parade  consisted of many different groups dressed up in vibrant costumes, showcasing various themes. The parade was open to everyone: groups formed by sports teams, marching bands, cheerleaders, Highschool classes, Hungarian and international students, dancers from the TáncolóEgyetem and many more. Pécs City Carnival was a truly unique experience! Both the organizers and the participants hope, that the Pécs City Carnival will take place each year.

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