News from the Dean - Thursday, 13 December, 2012

Former Romanian PM M. R. Ungureanu and J. Vilén former Ambassador of Finland have become honorary doctors of UP

The Rector of the University of Pécs, professor József Bódis awarded doctor Honoris Causa title to the former Prime Minister of Romania, Mr. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu and former Ambassador of Finland, His Excellency Jari Pekka Olavi Vilén on 13 December 2012.

According to its doctoral regulations the Senate of the University of Pécs awards doctor Honoris Causa degrees to those Hungarian and foreign persons who have been successful in their scientific fields for a period of time, who are internationally renowned, and who maintain close ties with the University of Pécs. The title is given to those respectful people who prove outstanding services to the university as well as to the Hungarian scientific community. It is also an honour for the University of Pécs to consider such persons as its honorary doctors.
The Rector and the Senate of the University of Pécs has approved the nomination of Mr. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, former prime minister of Romania to be its honorary doctor, who had been nominated by professor Attila Miseta, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine. As stated in the nomination letter, the teaching staff members of the Faculty of Medicine had been in close collaboration with the medical and pharmacist colleagues from Tirgu Mures. During the past five years the Medical School of the University of Pécs has received appr. 300 students from Tirgu Mures on a tuition fee waiver, mainly for part time education. More than sixty teaching staff members from Pécs have taught seminars of various lengths in Tirgu Mures. Throughout the various discussions it became clear that without the independent Hungarian education unit the whole medical education in Tirgu Mures would be in danger. The government of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu recognized that the peaceful living together of the neighbouring ethnic groups was the key pillar of EU’s sustainability and that preserving mother tongue was one of its most important elements.
„We think that Mr. Prime Minister has set us a wonderful example in showing that by searching the common basis of our living together we can advance further and can further serve our homes, nations and the European community of nations. He has clearly recognized that science and the education of science are supranational tasks and are not part of the culture clash. For these reasons we found it evident to nominate him for the Honoris Causa title” – wrote professor Attila Miseta in his nomination.


The former Ambassador of Finland, His Excellency Jari Pekka Olavi Vilén was nominated for the honorary doctor title by professor Béla Horváth, dean of the Faculty of Illyés Gyula. According to the justification, the Ambassador, during his five years of service (between 2007 and 2012) found it important to strengthen the more and more diversifying relations between the two countries. Having a degree in pedagogy, His Excellency emphasized the importance of the Finnish-Hungarian language relationship. He helped and supported the foundation of the network of the Finnish Lecturers at the Hungarian universities. He urged the setting up of new twin city relationships and facilitated the developments of the already existing relationships. He enlarged the network of the Honorary Consuls of Finland in Hungary, through which he extended and made the Finnish-Hungarian relations active. As a result of this activity there are honorary consuls working in Pécs and in Szeged these days.
During his service as Ambassador he paid several visits to the Consulate in Pécs and in Szekszárd too, where a larger colony if Finnish people reside. During his visits in Szekszárd he visited the Illyés Gyula Faculty several times and supported the organization of different cultural programmes. His Excellency even gave a lecture during the Finnish Week in Szekszárd.

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