News for students - Friday, 12 February, 2016

Feedback questionnaires in the Neptun system

Questionaires for early registration avaliable in the Neptun system

Due to the conversion of the electronic studies record systems, the Feedback questionnaire for early exam registration (previously available on CooSpace) has also changed from February 2016, thus it contains only 15 questions per subject. The questionnaires will be available within the  Meetstreet system of Neptun. A further change is that in the future – for the sake of the more dynamic process – the filling out period will be 14 days instead of 2 calendar months.

The first query will be executed between 15 to 28 February 2016. Considering the novelty of the system, the intense informatical and administrative overwhelmingness, minor stoppages might occur, therefore we ask for your patience. In case of any such error affecting the possibility to fill out the questionnaires, we will prolong the filling-out period.

You can find the detailed user’s manual about the new system on the webpage of the Faculty.

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