Departmental news - Monday, 11 July, 2016

Combat Medical Care Conference

Ulm, Germany


The Combat Medical Care Conference has been organized the second time in Ulm, Germany between 28th and 30th June. Among the main subjects of the biennial international conference were trauma care on the battlefield, professional knowledge concerning tactical medicine, lessons learned from recent acts of terrorism in medical aspects and the newest professional protocols.

In addition to the high level of the theoretical lectures there were possibilities of acquiring a wide range of practical skills such as: airway management, hemorrhage control and special techniques regarding mountain rescuing. On behalf of the University of Pécs Medical School Dept. of Operational Medicine Szilárd RENDEKI, Bálint János NAGY, Gábor László WOTH and Márk VAJDA took part of the event.

The Department’s staff got the opportunity not only to build professional relationships but also to learn about the newest international R&D tendencies as well as the exhibited technological innovations. In the staff members’ experience based on the Conference there is an increasing emphasis placed on the medical education of the law enforcement staff – supported by the tools of evidence based medicine. 

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