Other news - Tuesday, 11 October, 2016

Ohio-Pécs Scientific Collaboration in the Fields of Global Health and Medicine

We hereby confirm that the College of Health Sciences of the Ohio University (OU) and the University of Pécs Medical School (UPMS) intend to establish scientific collaborations in the fields of Global Health and Medicine with a high emphasis on Public Health Aspects related to Migration and Ethnical as well as Cultural Diversity.

The above mentioned signatories of this document envision a unique opportunity for deepening the US-Hungary exchanges through types of expertise that enjoy a high social impact not only at the levels of Central Europe and EU but also internationally especially in collaboration with Africa and Central Asia.    

The ongoing establishment of the WHO Collaboration Center on this field in the UPMS will be a promising area for expansions for both parties. UPMS’s expertise in the field of Migration Health may add value to OU’s ongoing programs in Global Health

This collaboration includes but is not limited to the design and development of joint research and education, exchange of best practices, scholars and students, facilitating innovation in the above mentioned fields.

Colleagues on the two sides have already discussed commencement of a joint teaching area under OU’s “Comparative Global Health Systems” as well as OU’s “Global Health Case Competition” as early as 2017.

The signature of this Expression of Interest endeavors to provide support and an initial direction for the departments directly involved in the main subjects highlighted within this document on behalf of both parties.


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