Grant news - Monday, 17 October, 2016

Application for POE (HuMSIRC Pécs) Exchange 2016

POE (HuMSIRC Pécs) announce the IFMSA professional (SCOPE) and research (SCORE) exchange programs for the next academic year. The application is open for everyone, who:

  • is an active student at the University of Pécs, Medical School – General Medicine program
  • is an active member of POE (with valid membership book)
  • has a B2 level language exam in English or equivalent certificate

In case you are interested in the scholarships, you only need to fill the application form with capital letters and attach the following documents: copy of your membership book, passport or ID, copy of your language exam, scholastic record from NEPTUN. The application form should be sent to the POE office at the basement in a big envelope. 

Application deadline: 11 November, 2016, 4.00 PM

All the application forms will be evaluated within a week, and POE will inform the applicant about the final point he received. If requested, the applicant can supervise the evaluated application form. The applicants can choose the destination at the assembly regarding their final points.

Assembly: in 2 weeks after the application deadline.

Those who can participate in one of our programs, they need to pay the registration fee which is 35.000 HUF. The applicant will be also charged with 5000 HUF deposit. The deposit can be withdrawn if the applicant shows up the IFMSA certificate and hands in a summary about the exchange.

The registration fee includes the accommodation, daily one mail or pocket money that can be used on alimentation. The additional costs should be paid by the student.


Other important information:

  1. According to the UP MS, the following hospitals are considered to be accredited:
  • Clinics of the state-accredited universities in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, the USA and Canada.
  • Accredited teaching hospitals in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, the USA and Canada.
  • Hospitals accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (MAB). For additional information, visit the website of the Registrar’s Office.

2. All the destination places are teaching wards accredited by IFMSA. Please note that some of the destinations cannot meet the accreditation requirements of the UP MS.

3. The application fee should be paid only by those who receive a place to travel. Please note that the fee only covers limited things listed in the Exchange Contract.

4. The applicant’s responsibility to complete everything on the IFMSA website after the registration procedure.

5. Some countries have special exchange conditions (language skills, special examinations). The applicants can lose the spot if they cannot fit the requirements.




General information about our exchange programs 2016/17

Destination list 2016/17

Application form 2016/17

Point system 2016/2017

Frequently asked questions

Exchange profile book



Exchange conditions and profiles -

Exchange platform -

Official Facebook page –

For additional information ask the local exchange representatives!  Good luck!

SCOPE: Gábor VILMÁNYI and Eszter TURI –
SCORE: Alexandra GEDEI and Eriko SAWAJI –

Office: 7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12 – Basement

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