Other news - Tuesday, 29 November, 2016

Advent concert

This year will be the 8th Advent Concert at our faculty on the 7th of December in the Aula at 8 o’clock.

The free concerts were initiated in 2009 by students, and supported by the Dean's Office, HÖK and EGSC. Thanks to the rehearsals, and gatherings from more and more students and professors turned out that they excel outside of medicine in music, literature and dance. The concert has not lost its popularity although the performers change from year to year. Luckily as the number of the foreign students increase, so grows their number participating at the concerts.

The concerts have an important community forming effect, for example the choir named ’The Voicebox’ was formed because of the influence of the first concert. The Voicebox affected the music-lover medical students’ life with its two rehearsals weekly, and other performances and gatherings. Last year this choir ended up, but the also old standing Norwegian Tinnitus choir will perform at the event. As well as the choir of the Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy department, who will perform for the first time at the Advent Concert -  until now they used to sing at the annual advent gatherings of the department.

At the concert on the 7th of December you could hear an aria, instrumental music, singers with piano, solo pianists, as a novelty a violin-bassoon duett and a band of seven people.

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