News from the Dean - Friday, 16 December, 2016

Announcement of Application for Researchers Beyond Borders

Application for Researchers Beyond Borders


The University of Pécs Medical School is announcing an application for Researchers Beyond Borders for the academic year 2016/2017.

One aim of the Medical School – RBB (ÁOK-HTKP) is to help the collaboration between professors and researchers at the UP-MS and at universities abroad, where there is still a large ethnically Hungarian population. Another goal of the RBB’s is to support research activities and the publication of international, English language studies with equipment, chemicals and other material costs.

1, Who is eligible to apply:

Hungarian professors and researchers who live abroad in regions that used to belong to Hungary

2, The form of support:

  • the awarded amount can only be used towards purchases in connection with the application
  • these can be: material costs (chemicals, materials for experimenting, animals)
  • the amount of support can also be used for travelling between the two study locations
  • at the most 30% of the support can be spent on technical equipment needed directly for the research
  • at the most 15% of the support can be used towards  personal payments (assignments, extra tasks), which support the research directly
  • every order, purchasing or delegation has to comply with the university’s current rules and instructions on economising

3, The amount of support:

The Medical School – RBB has a maximum of 2 million Hungarian Forints at disposal, which is valid for an interval of two years, for maximum 5 applicants.

4, The source of the support is the Medical School’s own income.

5, Other terms:

  • the Hungarian researcher’s or professor’s research group, who live abroad, have to compile a work plan together with the researcher or professor at the UP Medical School in the determined subject area they choose to research
  • they have to confirm publishing an article at the end of each year in an international scientific paper, which has at least the peer review impact factor of 1.
  • the application can be submitted each year, the deadline for which in 2017 is January 15

6, How to submit the application:

  • the application has to be sent to addressed to the Dean of the Medical School
  • the name of the document needs to be “PTE_ÁOK_application_year_month_day_first and last name of the applicant,” which should also be the subject of the e-mail


The application should contain the following:

  • the applicant’s name, age, place of work, phone number, e-mail, the address of the workplace and the home address
  • a one-page professional CV
  • the applicant’s scientific articles, which were published in the last 5 years, including their impact factors (can be cited without abstracts)
  • the amount of money they would require for their research and briefly what that amount would be used for
  • the statement of the UP-Medical School’s professor/researcher, who would collaborate with the applicant
  • a statement that the data given in the application is correct
  • a statement that the applicant accepts all criteria regarding the application
  • a statement that the applicant will include in the “Acknowledgment” section  of their article that they were supported by the UP  Medical School’s RBB programme (“Supported by PTE ÁOK – HTKP No: <year> / <application number>”)

7, The aspects of submitting and reviewing the application

  • one’s application can be successful twice in ten years
  • submitting wrong data will ensure the exclusion of the applicant of the MS-RBB application system
  • the applications will be reviewed by the Vice-Dean for Science and a board of experts chosen by the Vice-Dean regarding the following aspects:
  • the MS – RBB will only support the applications which meet the requirements given in the criteria, and where the required amount and its future use also corresponds to the criteria for application
  • the application that does not have the proper form of submitting will also be excluded from the reviewing
  • it is required that the applicant has at least one article written in English that reaches the IF=1 impact factor
  • the Reviewing Board will determine a ranking, in which the first five applicants will receive the full amount they applied for in the upcoming two years
  • the Board has the right to award the other applications that are next in the sequence with a reduced amount of support that they applied for (80%, 60%, 33%), taking into account the overall amount that can be awarded for the applications
  • in a year and two months after the award has been allocated, the successful applicants have to submit a report of their findings and the amount of money they used for the research so far to the email address. In this they have to include:
  • the published articles, or the ones that were accepted for future publishing and their impact factors (can be cited without an abstract)
  • the articles have to be submitted as appendices in PDF format
  • the list of patents
  • a detailed account on what the support was used for: material costs (chemicals, materials for experimenting, animals), personal costs, technology

8, How the application report should be submitted

  • the deadline for submitting the report is within a month after the two years awarded for the application come to an end
  • the report has to be sent to the as well. The title of the document should be “PTE_ÁOK_application_report_year_month_day_the first and last names of the applicant,” which should also be included as the subject of the e-mail.

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