Offical news of the Medical School - Monday, 19 December, 2016

Obituary – Álmosné, dr. Ella Kajdy


The University of Pécs Medical School informs everyone with deep sorrow that Álmosné, dr. Ella Kajdy, 59, passed away on 18 December 2016.

She had already started on that road before but she turned back. She was a fighter. She loved life, she was happy to fight for her goals. Many of us learned from her a great deal.

Her name become one with the International Studies Center that she directed for 23 years. She had imprescriptible merits in many international projects concerning the University of Pécs. Her name is linked to the signing of the first Erasmus contract, the first teaching fellowship programme to the United States, the start of the Hungarian as a Foreign Language training and the starting of the preparatory courses for degree studies in English. It would be easy to keep counting the facts and figures, programs and projects, but it is more important to mention the devoted and focussed work ethic, with which she always placed the person itself to the centre of attention. She really made foreign students feel like home while studying at our University, whom could call her if they found a kitty on the streets, or they could even visit her to talk about deep philosophical questions. She always put unlimited and untamed energy into her work, with a strong hand she was steering the small boat of ISC. Owing to these facts, today more than 400 students study at the International Studies Center every year. Her overflowing personality for a long time influenced and determined not only the international affairs of the University but also the studies of international students at Pécs. She paid attention to detail but never lost sight of distant aims.  

Her memory lives forever with us.

The University of Pécs Medical School will provide the funeral honours. You may pay your final respect on 6 January 2017 at 11 o’clock in Orfű-Mecsekrákos.

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