Other news - Tuesday, 16 May, 2017

The Migration Health Team of the University of Pécs Medical School visited the Reception Center of the Immigration and Migration Office in Vámosszabadi

During the program we conducted a follow-up on the international PHBLM project which was implemented in 2008-2009. 

We had meetings with the director, the medical team and the social workers who are employed at the center, and we disseminated questionnaires among them concerning the following topics: risk factors at the workplace, trainings and awareness concerning migration health, identification of victims of human trafficking, health states of employees and the needs connected to their work. On the other hand, we agreed to obtain an anonymous database from the local healthcare provider which will be used for research purposes.

Today, 45 migrants live in the center which is an open facility, but this number has reached 1300 in an institution that is suitable for 200 people. Although, today only a few migrants live in Vámosszabadi, but a great amount of data has piled up which will be processed and compared to the data collected and published earlier by the Migration Health Team of the University of Pécs.

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