Educational news - Thursday, 20 July, 2017

Eighteenth Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University, Pécs

The International Studies Center, University of Pécs, Medical School (ISC) is proud to announce the 18th Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University (23 July – 20 August 2017). The event attracts 102 students of 32 countries from Australia, through Ghana to Japan.

What we offer:

  • effective language acquisition
  • international learning environment
  • diverse locations in the region
  • taking advantage of authentic, everyday-life situations

Pécs and its region gleefully unite Balkan, German, and Turkish cultures with Hungarian, opening doors towards Croatia, Italy, and the Balkans. The diversity, geographical location, history and rich cultural traditions of the region provide the colourful background for this one-month intercultural and experiential programme, which has become the trademark of excellency and conceptual innovation in the past two decades.

The in-class study materials and the experience-based, outdoor lessons lay a solid foundation of language knowledge, while at the same time place major emphasis on meaningful communication and natural use of language. The MagyarOK study material integrates activities around intercultural exchange and rapid progression, enabling our participants to communicate with native speakers at an early stage of language learning.

Cultural seminars, trips, outdoor programmes and project work accompany the language classes, thus participants get in touch with local culture and Hungarian people. They gain deeper insight into the everyday life and values of Pécs and the region. All programs integrate activities that are carefully designed to improve Hungarian as a foreign language skills of participants.

We encourage people of every age and language level to take part in our course. It doesn’t matter what is your reason to learn – whether you study in Hungarian (either in- or outside Hungary), if you need the language to communicate at work, if you or your relatives come from Hungary or if you are simply interested in learning a new interesting language – feel invited to study with us and improve your fluency by one level during the month of our Summer University.  

Further informations: Katalin Pelcz,; 30/989-9139

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