- Wednesday, 17 January, 2018

Our School’s new building is going to be ultramodern

Among the Modern Cities Program’s developments of the Pécs University, the largest is going to be without doubt the establishment of the new building of the Medical School. Currently preparations and spatial planning are being made; the more spectacular works can begin in the near future.

The huge investment will be constructed based on the so-called Design & Build model. The advantage of the public procurement model chosen by the University of Pécs is that it unites the planning and constructing procurement. It involves the main contractor even in the planning process; therefore the planning can flexibly follow the changing market conditions. The investor succinctly determines his development intention with an “approval plan”, the expected technological and other requirements, and the amount of money available for the development, and the designer, in cooperation with the contractor, undertakes that he will prepare a plan that can be executed within market conditions, which the contractor is going to carry out within the available financial framework.  

On Szigeti street the Theoretical Building of the Medical School is going to expand with a huge wing, altogether 11.223 square metres, where four departments can move into. In practice it means that the School’s teaching and research premises will increase by 40 percent, 4 big lecture halls and 34 seminar rooms will be established. At the same time not only the buildings will become modern since during the program diagnostic and therapeutic devices and instruments will be purchased for 1.6 billion HUF to ensure the teaching background at the highest level.

In the university’s surroundings parking is a constant problem currently as well; they have thought of it too in the course of the investment since they are going to establish 254 new parking places. Moreover, Pécs as a whole is going to expand with a huge, open park: according to the plan, the fences will be removed and anyone can tour the renewed territory. Perhaps not many would think but the park is in itself about 10.000 square metres where new plants will be planted, modern casings will be laid down, and pieces of street furniture will await people wishing to sit down and rest. On the university premises there is a day care and a nursery school as well, the playground will be renewed, and the buildings will receive energetic modernisation.

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