- Monday, 22 January, 2018

Our School’s doctors and nurses also act in the romantic movie titled Embers for the heart

Several doctors, nurses, and our school’s departments are featured in Dr. Zoltán Vámos’s movie titled Embers for the heart, which can already be seen in the cinemas.

„What happens when the youngest, the profligate son finds the love of his life, the princess, but before the “till death do us part” and the big wedding could come, their three tests are nothing less but to overcome themselves to reach the other. The young actor is spoiled, prideful, moreover severely narcotic and is unable to have a more serious, deeper relationship, and his artistic delusion is that “any who wants to be a piper, has to go down in the fire”. The not so young lady doctor is stone-cold exalted and is very much eager to love and a well-functioning relationship. She is perfectly sober, predictable, and a stable future and existence are important for her. The “to see and quickly not to love” is coded in the story, although all their cells crave after the other. Everyone knows that it cannot end well. It is the story of the Little Precious Girl and the Profilgate Wandering Magician.”

In Dr. Zoltán Vámos’s, who is a resident doctor in the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, 93 minutes long feature film the painful, honest love story is brought to life by Erika Szabó, Balázs Viktor, Bálint Turi, Ádám Gulyás, Hajnalka Szakács, Enikő Dobó, Zoltán Bezerédi and Gábor Csöre.

The doctor writing movies, plays and lyrics, and is besides engaged in theatre directing, makes small feature films, clips since 1999. The shooting of his first big feature film started in 2015 with a budget of almost 45 million HUF, with considerable support from the University of Pécs.

The film rights of the “Embers for the heart”, which can be seen in Hungary at the Cinema Citiy network, were bought predominantly in the neighbouring countries. The specialty of the work is that it was shot in Pécs and university premises, several of the latter’s employees and students appear as supernumeraries in it. The movie received support from the 650-year-old University of Pécs as well.

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