- Wednesday, 24 January, 2018

Hungarian startup for surgical education

With the method applying 3D printing as well, it is possible to simulate and examine the workings of the vein sutures, sewn veins in surgical education.

The program package is suitable, with the help of videos and training models, for practising and distance learning as well. With their application the resident doctors or even the graduated doctors have the opportunity to receive measurable and comparable feedback from the ME3D experts about what kind of blood flow is expected in the long term in the simulated vein connections sewn by the doctors. The system is an opportunity for self-development for the users.

Among the software development company’s further goals is for practicing doctors to be able to share the results achieved with the help of the program in professional forums, furthermore, the users can use their results for facilitating their own professional development. With the help of the method, practicing is safer and more cost-effective, and the efficiency gain appearing in the training will have a positive effect on patient care as well.

After creating the concept, the founders started organising courses when there was a demand to assess the interest for their product in the market. The group received help in the market validation and feedback from EIT Health created and supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which is specialised in health care startups. The company management of ME3D entered for the European Health Catapult startup competition ending in April 2017, which was announced for small and medium-sized enterprises having products already introduced in the market, and intending to enter European markets. The applications were assessed by experts, the ME3D got in the best 4, thus it had the opportunity to present itself in Brussels to the representatives of large enterprises, as for example the GE Healthcare.

The EIT Health helps the home startups in the further development of their business plans and in the exchange of ideas and information with foreign participants not only with startup competitions but with training course-like events along with international startup teams. The ME3D, currently in cooperation with the University of Pécs, is building the users’ feedback in the product development, which is crucial to entering the world market and to the risk capital planned for 2018.  

The EIT Health is committed to the support of Hungarian and European health care startups and to the nurturing of young talents in 2018 too. They provide increasing, outstanding program opportunities even on an international level for both target groups, such as the startup competitions having great interest for years, to which they expect enterprises with a prototype / MVP (minimal viable product) not yet on the market, as well as health care small and medium-sized enterprises interested in foreign markets and having their own sales. Beyond the valuable money reward, the winners have a unique opportunity to present themselves to the international partners of the EIT Health, including Europe’s leading healthcare industry enterprises and the representatives of the university.

The EIT Health will announce the StarShip program in 2018 for young adults who are talented and longing for international experience, in the course of which the participants, forming international multidisciplinary teams, can work on innovative solutions for healthcare problems validated by large enterprises. During the 9-month program there will be many education modules besides teamwork where the participants can learn the process of innovation and innovation management from internationally recognized professionals.

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