- Thursday, 25 January, 2018

The firefighters successfully completed the Disaster Medic instructor training

The Disaster Medic training was established in 2016 as the result of the cooperation of the University of Pécs and the Baranya County Directorate for Disaster Management, and its primary goal is to prepare the interloper staff for providing professional first aid on the damage site.

Based on this agreement the Disaster Management Training Centre together with the university’s Department of Operational Medicine developed the training system of disaster medics conforming to the disaster management field.

The training program consists of three steps; the first one is the basic training qualification (Disaster Medic I.), which has to be completed by the whole interloper staff over time. The second level is the specialised training course (Disaster Medic II.), which gives more comprehensive knowledge and here the firefighters can provide professional care in “battlefield” conditions. The third level is the instructor qualification (Disaster Medic III.); those who complete this level can teach as well.

In the recent days they have educated the firefighters coming from thirteen counties who, after the successful exam, can share their knowledge of the Disaster Medic I. training’s material with the interloper staff.

On the first day the would-be instructors could acquire communication techniques, classic mistakes occurring during communication, and metacommunication signs, then based on the four-step education method they were trained how to deliver the first aid knowledge to the students. On the second day they became familiarized with the material to be taught, which was about how they can deliver this knowledge and they became acquainted with anatomy, which is important for them in prehospital care. On the last day of the training they had to show in practice how they are going to teach the students.

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