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Online Autumn Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators
2020. November. 10, Tuesday
EGSC donates one million forints to the Pediatric Clinic
2020. November. 10, Tuesday
The IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges Forum COVID19
2020. November. 9, Monday
New Head of the Quality Management and Institutional Development Department - Bernadett Potos
2020. November. 9, Monday
The Institute of Transdisciplinary Discoveries organized the UP’s first health-focused online hackathon
2020. November. 5, Thursday
The new head of the Student Service Department - Laura Berta Csík
2020. November. 5, Thursday
V Research Pitches Contest of the Compostela Group of Universities
2020. November. 4, Wednesday
The new head of the Marketing and Communications Department - Tibor Pál
2020. November. 4, Wednesday
Cemetery Commemoration of the Department of Anatomy
2020. October. 31, Saturday
IE 2019 donations
2020. October. 29, Thursday
New head of the Dean's Secretariat - Virág Kollár-Kasziba
2020. October. 29, Thursday
"The ideas for the future of the School were the reasons for the restructuring" - the Dean's Office has a new structure
2020. October. 26, Monday
From anywhere, anytime - a virtual visit to the Medical School in Pécs
2020. October. 20, Tuesday
The patient asks, the chatbot answers - a health chatbot was created by Hungarian developers
2020. October. 20, Tuesday
4th Internal Medicine Workshop
2020. October. 9, Friday
An electronic observation chart system helps the work of the staff of the intensive care unit
2020. October. 7, Wednesday
Information for students regarding coronavirus related epidemiological measures and obligations
2020. October. 6, Tuesday
Celebration of Teachers 2020
2020. September. 30, Wednesday
The UP Department of Neurosurgery will become a European centre of excellence
2020. September. 17, Thursday
The Administrative Review of PROFEX Has Successfully Concluded
2020. September. 15, Tuesday
The issue titled “Do you have a good story?” has been published in three languages in PDF
2020. September. 11, Friday
The educational innovation contest has started at the UPMS and the Faculty of Pharmacy
2020. August. 31, Monday
The virtual photo exhibition of Lajos Kalmár has opened
2020. August. 29, Saturday
Artificial intelligence helps the Transdanubian stroke network
2020. August. 17, Monday
Even a Brazilian dog is studying at the Summer University
2020. August. 17, Monday
"Our aim is to incorporate everything we represent into the minds of more and more people"
2020. August. 7, Friday
2020. August. 3, Monday
Let's shake up the education! - educational innovation contest
2020. July. 31, Friday
The construction of the Dental Theoretical Block is in full swing
2020. July. 29, Wednesday
Nearly five thousand students have been admitted to UP
2020. July. 24, Friday
Innovative surgery at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology
2020. July. 23, Thursday
"We focus on skills development, not on academic, lexical knowledge"
2020. July. 1, Wednesday
Tissue printing technology - interview with dr. Judit Pongrácz
2020. June. 25, Thursday
"We work in the present and shape the future"
2020. June. 18, Thursday
Patient safety has been improved from nearly 190 million HUF at the Clinical Center
2020. June. 11, Thursday
UP is among the 200 best universities in the world
2020. June. 10, Wednesday
International results in the field of artificial insemination
2020. June. 3, Wednesday
Run-up to Graduation 2020
2020. May. 28, Thursday
“M3D-Vision” – live medical interventions
2020. May. 20, Wednesday
"Let's fill it with life"! - The renewing Medical School of Pécs
2020. May. 18, Monday
"Foreign students are not tourists, but the residents of Pécs"
2020. May. 13, Wednesday
"We have trodden new paths" - interview with Dr. Szilárd Rendeki, director of the Medical Simulation Education Center
2020. May. 11, Monday
Development can never stop
2020. April. 30, Thursday
Awards for Demonstrator Students and Mentor Teachers During the Online Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators
2020. April. 21, Tuesday
An innovative method for digital practical education at the Department of Surgical Research and Techniques
2020. April. 16, Thursday
Whising you a happy Easter!
2020. April. 8, Wednesday
Attention, bike owners!
2020. March. 31, Tuesday
Launching our new website
2020. March. 27, Friday
Online auction for the works of Wei Xiang
2020. March. 27, Friday
Possibilities for work-related stress relief
2020. March. 26, Thursday
Health Psychology Counselling online
2020. March. 25, Wednesday
The construction of the new dental theoretical building has begun
2020. March. 17, Tuesday
Mechanical thrombectomy - a new way to remove blood clots that block the cerebral blood vessels
2020. March. 12, Thursday
Sleep apnoea is a public health issue
2020. March. 12, Thursday
Artificial intelligence helps stroke patients
2020. March. 9, Monday
Artist Wei Xiang's charity exhibition for the Department of Paediatrics
2020. March. 6, Friday
UP postpones the International Evening
2020. March. 5, Thursday
Workshop for demonstrator/teaching assistant students - March 13
2020. March. 4, Wednesday
A new way of the spreading of abdominal tumours has been identified by researchers in Pécs
2020. March. 3, Tuesday
AMBOSS - effective help for successful exams
2020. March. 3, Tuesday
"Many are lost in the maze and are not properly diagnosed"
2020. March. 2, Monday
Research on immunotherapy in Pécs and Debrecen
2020. March. 2, Monday
IE 2019 Donation
2020. February. 28, Friday
Exhibition of the Ferenc Medgyessy Art Workshop
2020. February. 27, Thursday
Semmelweis 250 Clinical Conference - POSTPONED
2020. February. 27, Thursday
The medicines used in infertility treatments have become free of charge
2020. February. 26, Wednesday
The Medical School Grand #staircaserace - POWERED by YourLife@AOK - Results
2020. February. 25, Tuesday
2020. February. 25, Tuesday
Blessing or curse? - The Smartphone Pandemic - POSTPONED
2020. February. 24, Monday
New digital x-ray machine at the Urology Clinic
2020. February. 21, Friday
Rare Disease Day - 29 February
2020. February. 18, Tuesday
Report on translational research projects – 2 March
2020. February. 17, Monday
Prof. Judith Harrer-Haag’s neurosonology demonstration course – 1 April
2020. February. 17, Monday
Successful exchange of experience with the University of Cambridge Department of Anatomy
2020. February. 17, Monday
A new flushing pump has been added to the equipment of the Pécs Department of Paediatrics
2020. February. 17, Monday
EKE GYKRC 17th International Scientific Days Conference - Hungary
2020. February. 13, Thursday
Cardiologists can help remotely with a “transtelephonic EKG”
2020. February. 11, Tuesday
A lactation room has been handed over at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
2020. February. 11, Tuesday
Let your day stat fit!
2020. February. 11, Tuesday
Simulation patient training program
2020. February. 11, Tuesday
Press breakfast on the development plans of our School
2020. February. 4, Tuesday
Versatility Project - coloured portraits
2020. February. 4, Tuesday
A patient under the age of 18 received treatment for spinal muscular atrophy
2020. January. 30, Thursday
Fruit day
2020. January. 29, Wednesday
Simonyi HACKATON - The Ocean Cleanup
2020. January. 28, Tuesday
5th International Summer School of Medical Law and Bioethics on “Human rights in health”, 5-11 July 2020
2020. January. 27, Monday
Call for Recipes- 50 Delicacies on Earth, volume 2 - NEW DEADLINE
2020. January. 24, Friday
Successful visit to Singapore
2020. January. 22, Wednesday
Preferential flights with Emirates airline
2020. January. 21, Tuesday
The lecture of Prof. Allan Herbison (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, University of Cambridge, UK) – 17 February
2020. January. 21, Tuesday
Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in Europe
2020. January. 17, Friday
6th International Conference on Competitive Materials
2020. January. 15, Wednesday
Nationally unique surgery performed at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology
2020. January. 14, Tuesday
New Year’s Toast 2020
2020. January. 8, Wednesday
The number of transplants set a record in 2019
2020. January. 7, Tuesday
"If someone had asked me before whether someone can be vigilant and actively involved in such a process for 48 hours, I would have said definitely not,"
2020. January. 2, Thursday

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