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Dr. Ildikó Tóth has become the secretary of the Hungarian Medical Chamber
2019. December. 5, Thursday
Dr. Béla Veszprémi received the Hippocrates medal
2019. December. 3, Tuesday
"Dream Factory in the Hospital" – the book of dr. Tamás Kövesi and dr. Barbara Benkovics anaesthesiologists
2019. November. 28, Thursday
The Heart Institute is 20 years old
2019. November. 28, Thursday
Three participants represented our School at the 16th International Medical PhD Conference
2019. November. 27, Wednesday
Emőke Knetig, a student of our School received the "University Athlete of the Year" award
2019. November. 27, Wednesday
3rd Demonstrator workshop – internal Medicine
2019. November. 26, Tuesday
The open day of our School and the Faculty of Pharmacy was popular this year as well
2019. November. 25, Monday
Advent Concert
2019. November. 25, Monday
Successful Alumni meeting
2019. November. 21, Thursday
New Irish abortion law shakes the world - interview with Dr. Béla Veszprémi
2019. November. 18, Monday
Konnichiwa - Japanese Day
2019. November. 13, Wednesday
Shoebox Christmas Presents for the Children of Gilvánfa
2019. November. 13, Wednesday
Dr. Péter Kanizsai, head of the Department of Emergency Medicine has become a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians International Committee
2019. November. 11, Monday
"There is serious teamwork behind the results"
2019. November. 11, Monday
Successful participation in the Defence Innovation Day of the Hungarian Defence Forces
2019. November. 11, Monday
Medicina Bookstore is closed due to inventory
2019. November. 5, Tuesday
Dr. Tihamér Molnár has become a visiting professor at the University of Osijek
2019. October. 29, Tuesday
Sparks, Jason, a sixth-year medical student at the UN General Assembly
2019. October. 25, Friday
Professor Tamás Dóczi received the Pannon Science Award
2019. October. 21, Monday
Dr. Gyula Lázár edited photo books about frog figures and village houses in Baranya
2019. October. 21, Monday
The 26th congress of the Hungarian Society for the Surgery of the Hand, and the Forum of Young Hand Surgeons
2019. October. 21, Monday
Pécs from above – Aerial photos of Lajos Kalmár
2019. October. 18, Friday
The colleagues of the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes won the first place in an international poster competition
2019. October. 18, Friday
The Translational Intervention Endoscopy Center has been handed over
2019. October. 18, Friday
"The Invisible Body" - Exhibition of fine arts and anatomy
2019. October. 14, Monday
The Department of Neurosurgery has become a Central and Eastern European reference centre
2019. October. 10, Thursday
The women’s model of the UP MS watch has also been completed
2019. October. 10, Thursday
Versatility of Human Nature project
2019. October. 7, Monday
Fruit days
2019. October. 3, Thursday
“The fact that we were looking at the same problem from different angles helped us in the cooperation”
2019. October. 2, Wednesday
Two anaesthesiologists from Pécs took part in the separation surgery of the Bangladeshi twins
2019. September. 30, Monday
Cemetery Commemoration of the Department of Anatomy – 25 October
2019. September. 25, Wednesday
The most successful students in the Physiology subject received the Lissák Prize
2019. September. 23, Monday
International research on rare cancers
2019. September. 20, Friday
Cyclists’ breakfast – 24 September
2019. September. 18, Wednesday
Four hundred students received the white coat
2019. September. 17, Tuesday
Let your day stat fit!
2019. September. 12, Thursday
European Mobility Week - 16-22 September 2019.
2019. September. 11, Wednesday
Call for Applications/ Short films on how to prevent accidents?
2019. September. 6, Friday
Fruit days
2019. September. 4, Wednesday
Medical Conference for PhD Students and Experts of Clinical Sciences - 9th of November
2019. September. 4, Wednesday
"Our aim is to make ourselves internationally more visible"
2019. September. 3, Tuesday
Call for coordinators 2019 – HuMSIRC Pécs
2019. September. 3, Tuesday
The opening ceremony of the Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy
2019. September. 2, Monday
IV. East-West Cohesion - International Scientific Conference
2019. August. 29, Thursday
Professor Peyman Golshani - international lecturer series
2019. August. 23, Friday
Sixth-year students’ professional practice at the clinics of the University of Southern California
2019. July. 30, Tuesday
“It is very important to have such protocols and recommendations that help clinicians”
2019. July. 16, Tuesday
12 gold, 10 silver and one bronze medal on Medigames
2019. July. 15, Monday
“Run for cancer treatment” – 14 September
2019. July. 9, Tuesday
Dentistry and Biotechnology graduation ceremony
2019. July. 9, Tuesday
“The message we hand over with the watch is important and valuable for us as well”
2019. July. 8, Monday
Graduation ceremony
2019. July. 1, Monday
Fruit days
2019. June. 26, Wednesday
“It is still unbelievable”
2019. June. 3, Monday
Liveable community spaces in the Department of Behavioural Sciences
2019. May. 30, Thursday
The day of the multicultural recipe book of the University of Pécs in ROOM
2019. May. 9, Thursday
1st Pécs-Eszék PhD-symposium
2019. May. 3, Friday
UN Hungarian youth emissary election –Jason Sparks, our fifth-year student is the winner
2019. April. 29, Monday
The UP enters again for the title of the university that cycles the most
2019. April. 24, Wednesday
World Day of Dance - Dancers for Zente with dance
2019. April. 23, Tuesday
14th YES Meeting - CALL for ABSTRACTS
2019. April. 23, Tuesday
6th-7th Health Care Photo Exhibition
2019. April. 10, Wednesday
Awards for demonstrator sutdents and mentors
2019. April. 10, Wednesday
50 Delicacies on Earth - The multicultural recipe book
2019. March. 28, Thursday
Invitation to Motivational Speech
2019. March. 26, Tuesday
It’s Spring: Wake Up Your Body
2019. March. 18, Monday
ISCOMS 2019 - Register Now
2019. March. 13, Wednesday
International Evening – 9 March
2019. February. 28, Thursday
A new transcription compartment discovered
2019. February. 28, Thursday
The Voice of UP talent contest has started
2019. February. 22, Friday
"Business Creations Workshop"
2019. February. 12, Tuesday
“I teach nephrology in a way that it is like a detective story”
2019. February. 5, Tuesday

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