Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of the Hepatitis C virus
2020. October. 6, Tuesday
The UP’s “International Autumn” intercultural festival begins
2020. September. 28, Monday
National Laboratories opened in Pécs
2020. September. 25, Friday
We have cycled to the moon
2020. September. 15, Tuesday
UP is the best rural university in the Times Higher Education ranking
2020. September. 2, Wednesday
Employees of our School received awards at the celebratory opening session of the Senate of the University of Pécs
2020. September. 2, Wednesday
More than 550 students were admitted to the UP in the supplementary admission procedure
2020. August. 28, Friday
The cooperation of engineers and physicians continues
2020. July. 14, Tuesday
Professors Hajna Losonczy and István Kiss also received awards on Semmelweis Day in Budapest
2020. July. 7, Tuesday
Three rural higher education institutions collaborate for the more effective treatment of high-mortality diseases and reduction of mortality
2020. July. 7, Tuesday
Doctors and nurses were awarded on Semmelweis Day
2020. July. 1, Wednesday
UP is in the international elite in the fields of clinical medicine as well as public health
2020. July. 1, Wednesday
MOON BIKE - international challenge – 26 June
2020. June. 23, Tuesday
Donation of more than one million HUF has been raised at Wei Xiang's charity auction
2020. June. 22, Monday
“The academic year in September could begin smoothly” - interview with dr. Attila Miseta, Rector
2020. May. 26, Tuesday
The band Mongooz and the Magnet, founded by two foreign medical students, is a worldwide success
2020. May. 21, Thursday
UP has a prominent place in the UN ranking based on sustainable development goals
2020. April. 28, Tuesday
Awards on the national day of 15 March
2020. March. 16, Monday
UP was the first to join the European Union’s "European Universities" initiative
2020. March. 12, Thursday
Customizable medicine development in Pécs
2020. March. 5, Thursday
Scientific-economic cooperation
2020. February. 27, Thursday
Virologists from Pécs on the prevention of the coronavirus
2020. February. 26, Wednesday
UP is in the TOP 200 in the latest international ranking
2020. February. 19, Wednesday
Infertility treatments will be free in Pécs as well
2020. February. 3, Monday
Month of “stroke awareness”
2020. January. 28, Tuesday
Two Nigerian Roman Catholic priests study at our School
2020. January. 28, Tuesday
The Council of University Clinics held its first meeting this year
2020. January. 28, Tuesday
Professional representatives of MedTech4 Europe visited Pécs
2020. January. 28, Tuesday

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