Prospective Students

Yeji Grace Lee


Hello. I am Yeji Grace Lee from South Korea. I graduated in 2016. Currently working in Mosonmagyarovar having German speaking patients. 

When I look back to my University life, it was full of good memories. All my international friends were helping each other in study and we enjoyed the Pecs life with full of excitement. Pecs itself is not a big city but that made people to become more closer to each other. Also relationship with professors were not strick but more like friend. Whenever you would like to talk with them they were always welcome to listen to my concern.

If you would like to draw your future living in European countries, this will be your best choice to study in Pecs. Study will be not easy but it worths to spend your passion on it.



Dr. Darawsheh Ali


I am happy I have choosen PTE for my dental studies. Pécs is a beautiful multicultural and very active city, here everything is available what a student can wish for. I have choosen PTE Dentistry program, because I have heard it is one of the best university in the region and gives a worldwide valuable diplom. I am fully statisfied with the lectures and practises as well, the people who thought me are high qualified doctors. The dental clinic located in the city centre, close to everything, which eases the everyday life. The students, who didn’t decide yet, where to study, I would suggest to choose PTE Dentistry program!






Arrun Nesarajah


Hi! My name is Arrun Nesarajah from Norway, but I’m a full-blooded Sri Lankan. I graduated in July 2017 and I’m currently living in Germany learning German so that I can apply for my working-license here.

The best thing about studying in Pécs is that it’s all so international. I’ve got to know people from all over the world, and I’ve learned so much about different cultures and the world in general just by being a student in Pécs. The city itself is not the biggest, but by being limited in size it gives you the opportunity to really get to know your fellow students and the local inhabitants. Stuyding Dentistry at Pécs Medical University isn’t easy, it will challenge you and you will have to perform as a student to be able to get through. The good thing is that the teaching faculty is there for you to give you advice and they’ll guide in what you need to focus on. As the dental department is quite small you have the advantage of being up close with professors and teachers so you can easily develop good relationships with your teachers. To do so you also have to perform as a student of course.  The University is looking to expand and they have great plans for the new Dental Department, which means that for you as a potential future student there you’ll have access to well functional units and good facilities. Another advantage you have by getting a degree from here is that it’s recognized all over Europe and in Scandinavia.

Studying abroad was a big decision for me, it was quite scary to begin with as you’re in a totally new country and everything is new. But, it’s also been the best decision I’ve ever made! I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’m confident that with my degree from Pécs I’ll have the foundation I need to develop myself to become a good dentist.



Kim, Yorum


- Of course the life was not easy in the beginning, not only because of studying but also the new culture and environment. But as I get used to it, everything became relaxed and comfortable.  

- To be honest, the life cannot be enjoyable as a dental student. It is not just about the Pecs dental school. I am pretty sure that most of dental students in the world feel the same way because there are always exams coming in front of you and full of materials to be covered and etc.

However if I look on the bright side, Pecs was a suitable place to focus on studying mainly. Although the oral exams in front of examiners were difficult to handle, it makes you study hard up to the level of comprehensive understanding, not just memorizing.

And now it helps me a lot in my daily dental practice. 

- No life in the world is easy, especially when you study dentistry. 

But if you have a choice, I recommend you Pecs dental school.

I can surely say that they will make you feel weak for the most of time. But once you graduate, you will feel that you are a much stronger person. And that is something more important than just becoming a dentist. No pain, no gain.

- Personally, I think the Dental education itself was good. Everything what I have learned is directly useful for my dental practice.