Sonstige Nachrichten - Freitag, den 19 November 2010

Professional and research exchange programmes

The HuMSIRC and the Hungarian Student Council offer the possibility of a one-month long professional od research exchange program. Deadline of application: 25.11.2010 4pm. Place of sumission: Hungarian Student Council - 2nd floor


The Hungarian Medical Students International Relations' Committee and the Hungarian Student Council invite applications for a one-month long professional exchange or research exchange program.

The list of the available countries and the general terms and conditions can be downloaded from the database of HuMSIRC or can be found in the Hungarian Student Council

Deadline of application: 25 November 2010 4 pm.

Place of submission: Hungarian Student Council - 2nd floor 

The date of the local distribution and assembly: 01/12/2010 (Wednesday) 18.00 in Seminar room no 3.