Head of Department: Dr. Radnai Márta, Prof., M.D., PhD, Habil
Address: 7621 Pécs, Dischka Győző str. 5.

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The main goal of the Department of Prosthodontics is to prepare dental students effectively for providing independent patient care after receiving their degree in dentistry. A precise theoretical knowledge and the acquirement of practical skills are needed to achieve these objectives.

Our colleagues do their best to demonstrate the various fields of dentistry in a logical sequence implementing recent scientific research results. We focus on providing plenty of opportunities for our students to work in the students’ laboratory and clinical environment to practice the different types of prosthetic procedures. The arrangement of patients is continuous so our students can perform various types of prosthodontic treatments. During seminars the opportunity is ensured for an overall discussion of the treatment plans; thus the students can gather experience from their own and other patients' cases as well.

In the clinical practice our colleagues make several types of prosthetic devices, including crowns and bridges, removable and implant supported restorations. The easiest solutions as well as more complicated ones are prepared with the use of the most modern materials, based on the individual’s needs and conditions of the patients finding the most suitable one for their oral health.

Our department also focuses on patients with temporomandibular joint disorders and if necessary they are complemented by tooth restorations.

In our department, young dentists also participate in postgraduate specialist training courses in order to widen their knowledge in prosthodontics.

Most of our colleagues are involved in PhD programs, taking an active role in research.

There is a prosperous cooperation in different research projects with other departments of the Faculty of Medicine as well as with other Faculties of the University.

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Márta Radnai M.D., PhD, Habil

Head of the Prosthodontic Department and the Colleagues of the Department