Other news - Friday, 4 May, 2018

The calendar girls show the diversity of the world and the Medical School

Diversity and accepting each other; these are the messages of the calendar of the Medical School’s English-German Student Council, to which the students contributed as models. The spectacular edition serves a great purpose: the income of the sales supports the Pécs Normandia-Lions Club’s parent’s accommodation.


wrote by Miklós Stemler


Almost every part of the world is represented in the English-German Student Council’s charity calendar; from Norway to Sri Lanka, or from Japan to Ghana. This is not surprising considering the fact that in the Pécs Medical School almost the entire world is present; however, the fast fulfilment of the idea and the enthusiasm surrounding it are still noteworthy.

Anikó Berta, head of the office of the student council, had the idea of the ‘Calendar Girls’ concept some days before the International Evening; they introduced themselves at the Evening  in the midst of great enthusiasm. This was only the beginning because since then the calendar was completed with the contribution of the voluntary models. The calendar photos of professional quality show the students in their own national costumes on the one hand, and in “secular” clothing on the other; the completion of the photos was supported by several sponsors, highlighted sponsors are the Crystal Pécs and Travel for You Minibus.

The calendar itself is a great help because the whole income of the sales goes to the Pécs Normandia-Lions Club’s parent’s accommodation. The accommodation operating next to the Department of Paediatrics provides opportunity for those parents who are not living in Pécs, whose children are treated at the clinic for a longer period of time and who, during this time, would like to stay near them. The income from the calendars is a significant help to the parent’s accommodation that is financed from donations alone, and the hope is that Calendar Girls is going to be the first step of a long tradition.

The calendar can be bought in the Medical School’s aula until stocks last.

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