Other news - Monday, 15 October, 2018

Multicultural Recipe Book

Dear Students,


The University of Pécs would like to publish a Multicultural Recipe Book with recipes from all around the world.

We would like to reach out to all our students studying at the Medical School and ask you to send us your favourite recipes of traditional meals characteristic for your country/ nation and culture.

Please, send us the recipes in English and indicate if the ingredients are available in Pécs. If they are not available, could you suggest some alternatives available in our city?  Please include the method of preparation as well.

The best recipes will be selected by a panel of editors.

The Multicultural Recipe Book will include the recipes in two languages: English and Hungarian. Our aim with the book is twofold: to cherish the multicultural diversity of our university and to bring our students’ culture closer to the inhabitants of the city of Pécs through cuisine.

Our aim is to publish the recipe book before March 2019. We will showcase some of the meals at the opening event of the International Spring, at the International Evening on March 9.

Please send us your recipes to   until November 16, 2018.


Thank you!

Kind regards,


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