- Monday, 10 December, 2018

Laying the foundation stone of the Medical School’s new theoretical building

Dr. József Bódis State Secretary for Education, Dr. Attila Miseta rector of the University of Pécs, Dr. Zsolt Páva mayor, Zoltán Jenei chancellor, Dr. Miklós Nyitrai dean of the Medical School, and Imre Peresztegi CEO of the ZÁÉV have ceremonially laid the foundation stone of the new education and research building, which is going to be built in the framework of the Modern Cities Program.

The construction of the unconventionally exceptional foundation stone was created in the UP 3D Centre by 3D printing, which refers on the one hand to the connections of technology and science, on the other hand the surface that resembles a magnified human tissue structure symbolizes the relationship between the university and its surroundings, and the importance of connections.

As it is known, the government supports the University of Pécs with an amount of 25 billion HUF in the framework of the Modern Cities Program, its declared aim is to strengthen the institution’s competitiveness, to develop the education and service portfolio, to increase the number of foreign students, and to provide the infrastructural conditions necessary to achieve it.

The new education and research building is the program’s “flagship” project for good reason since the Medical School is going to expand with a new wing from the gross amount of 10.669 billion HUF.  As a result of the development, new spaces are going to serve the teaching and studying conditions, the existing skill laboratory equipment is going to expand, medical high technologies are going to ensure the background of the training through the purchase of the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices, the service infrastructure needed to attract and keep students is going to broaden, and a full property rationalisation is going to be implemented, which extends to the green surfaces, the public transport and the parking opportunities too.

Several 21st century institutions inspired the design of the building. The “open lab” architecture on every level and the building’s design combine the structures of the Janelia Research Campus (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA) and the new Max Planck research buildings (Germany). The rightly acknowledged TSPC Technical Supervision and Planning Consulting Hungary Kft., which is a think tank that has serious references in the architect profession, marks the design of the building. The new building’s philosophy: high aesthetic quality, functionality and sustainability.

“The Medical School has been competing for the students on the international level for several decades and in this competition it is important to provide innovative conditions and conditions worthy of science for the teachers as well. Retaining the successful researchers, giving opportunities to the young talents, and strengthening the research results besides the educational goals are possible only this way. The international trend shows that the demand for medical training is going to increase in the next years. Based on the surveys of the European Union and the Hungarian and Pécs application numbers we can see that the significant oversubscription to the international trainings is going to last in the next ten-fifteen years” said Dr. Miklós Nyitrai dean at the ceremony.




Szabolcs Csortos/UnivPécs

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