Other news - Monday, 29 April, 2019

UN Hungarian youth emissary election –Jason Sparks, our fifth-year student is the winner

Jason Sparks participated in a three round selection procedure of the UN Hungarian youth emissary application and among the candidates he has proven to be the most successful.

In the first round, the candidates had to make a one-minute video about the current problems of the Hungarian youth, and they had to fill out a worksheet with questions regarding the UN in Hungarian and in English.

13 candidates could get into the second round. With them, the interviews were like table tennis matches: question-answer, question-answer, in English and also in Hungarian. Besides personal introduction, and discovering certain skills, the questions were concerned with geographical knowledge, sustainable development goals, and the operation of the UN.

In the third round, the candidates received two tasks in advance: one of them was a speech that the candidates had to present in five minutes at an imaginary UN meeting, in the other task they had to introduce themselves, why they would be suitable, and what they would emphasize if they were chosen. These were followed by tasks measuring creativity, situational games, tasks testing debating skills and questions regarding general knowledge.

The Evaluation Committee voted for Jason Sparks with unanimous majority. Our student is going to be in a beginner position until September; he is going to complete obligatory practice in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and in the Ministry of Human Capacities, besides these he is going to participate in the New York meeting and other conferences. Jason Sparks is going to take the current emissary’s place officially in September.

We warmly congratulate.

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