Other news - Thursday, 30 May, 2019

Liveable community spaces in the Department of Behavioural Sciences

The colleagues of the Department of Behavioural Sciences set out to change their environment, and to make it liveable and loveable. They have devised how the space should look like that is unmistakably about them, about behavioural researchers.

They involved an expert, Dr. Norbert Vasváry-Nádor, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, in the development of the concept and in the design. The colleagues decided about the researchers and the corresponding quotations for the corridor design but they have also left some surfaces free for current thoughts, and messages.

The aim of the reconstruction of the community space was that both the colleagues and the students could feel themselves at home, and besides that the space can teach, inspire, or even provoke as well. The colleagues of the Department of Behavioural Sciences are proud that their department represents in its appearance the values on which the everyday teaching and research work is built.


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